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Dining in Ngari

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The food in Ngari (western Tibet) is quite limited in varieties under the influence of a harsh climate. Especially vegetables and fruits are mostly imported from other places. Therefore the food in Ngari is much more expensive than expected. Anyhow, it is lucky that restaurants still can be found in most towns and counties of this remote area. The restaurants supply Tibetan cuisine, Sichuan food and Xinjiang dishes. However, during the trip to Mt. Kailash or further trip to Kashgar, most of time, the food will be served as fried rice, noodles and simple dishes.

Purang County

Though it is near to Nepal, the flavor of the subcontinent can not be found in these restaurants of Purang.

Peacock Restaurant It is a very neat restaurant and offers a decent range of Chinese dishes.

Zanda County

Chinese, Tibetan, Muslim restaurants fill at least half of the main street of Zanda.

Hong Man Tian Restaurant

English menu is very helpful.Good Chinese food are served.

Shiquanhe County

Uyghur Ashkhang

It is easy to find the restaurant becasue a hanging carcass of a cow is always at its entrance.

Hor Qu

Big Wineshop of Jin Mantang

It serves decent rice and noodle dishes. Menu in English.

Darchen Town

Restaurant of Tibet Manasarovar Travels Guesthouse

After a simple Chinese breakfast of baozi (steamed stuffed bun) and porridge, Kailash Trek could start.

Chinese restaurant

In the south of Tibet Manasarovar Travels Guesthouse, Chinese restaurant could be seen.

Gegye County

Many Chinese and Muslim restaurants and a couple of Tibetan teahouse are in the main road. No English menu.

Gertse County

Most Chinese and Tibetan restaurants along the main road are open for lunch and dinner there, while several for baozi and xifan in the morning.

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