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Dining in Nagchu

What to See

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Though the food in Nagchu might not cater to Western tastes, it does provide enough caloric for you to finish your trip. Yak butter tea is plentiful, as is the usually foreigner-preferred sweet milk tea. Food is hearty and can be quite bland, although there are a couple of descent Chinese restaurants in the town. The food offered by Sichuan-cuisine, Tibetan-cuisine, Muslim-cuisine restaurants is very basic in Nagchu, so it is recommended to buy some favorite instant food before hitting Nagchu.

Restaurants in Nagchu County

Erjie Baozidian

In the neat and friendly Baozidian, the baozi is the famous dish. Other dishes are still available.

Lhasa Nola Bozee

It is a clean Tibetan teahouse with traditional-style seating.

Restaurants in Sok County

Dongpo Jiulou

It is the best restaurant in town, which is relatively pricey in the main crossing.

Snowland Happy Tibet Restaurant

Tibean-style tea and thugba at this restaurant can be enjoyed. 

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