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Book Potala Ticket in Advance Tips for Visiting Potala

Edited by on 2018-01-23 15:34:08

As Potala Palace is a must-see tourist site in Tibet for both home and overseas travelers to Lhasa, there are large numbers of tourists visit this grand palace everyday. For example, almost 6000 people from home and abroad traveled to Tibet in the May Day. In the peak season of Tibet, it is hard to get a permission ticket to Potala Palace and you need to book Potala ticket in advance because there is a limit on the number of tourists to visit Potala Palace so as to protect the cultural heritages there. It is acceptable to enter the Potala Palace per day within 4000 people.

The work time is from 9:00 to 17:00 per day. The tourists should provide the available certifications such as ID card or passport number. For a better service for tourists, the advanced facility is coming to use for providing the Potala Palace tickets as soon as possible.

Tourists are suggested to enter the Potala Palace from the eastern gate with 30 minutes in advance and only allowed to visit the Potala Palace for one hour each time.

When the peak season of Tibet tour begins (usually since May), thousands of tourists swarm into Tibet every day. Potala Palace is one of the must-go scenic spots in Lhasa for nearly every tourist to Tibet. As another way to limit the number of the tourist to visit Potala Palace each day, the price of the entrance ticket of Potala Palace would be increased from 100 RMB per person to 200 RMB per person. It is best to ask a travel agency to book the ticket for you as travel agencies can get the tickets easier with tour groups. If you ask a Tibet travel agency to book the ticket to Potala, you need to pay a small amount of service fee.

Potala Palace enjoys high reputation among tourists both at home and abroad for its rich cultural and historical collections. Most of the tourists would like to make a visit to Potala Palace firstly during their Lhasa tours. It receives thousands of tourists each day during the peak season of Tibet tourism.

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