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Favorite Hotels in Lhasa-Tibetan Family Hotels

Though there are all kinds of hotels in Lhasa, Tibetan family hotels are favorite hotels in Lhasa among tourists. You can find Tibetan family hotels throughout Tibet, but those in Lhasa can provide you better services and facilities.  

Tibetan family hotels always make tourists feel at home with their warm friendly Tibetan hospitality. They are always ready to assist you and answer your every inquiry from traveling in Tibet to meditation classes.

The interior ambiance, design and decoration are authentic and distinctive and really give you a sense of the exotic culture and style of the Tibetan people. The food is good and the staff is helpful.

Most Tibetan family hotels are located around the Barkhor Street, within walking distance to Jokhang temple and Potala palace. Famous Tibetan style hotels in Lhasa are Gorkha Hotel, Kyichu Hotel, Lhasa Dhood Gu Hotel and Lingtsang Boutique Hotel.

If you travel to Lhasa, I highly recommend to choose a Tibetan style hotel. It won't cost too much to experience the exotic culture at the roof of the world. 

Favorite Hotels in Lhasa-Tibetan Family Hotels FAQ