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Tibet Weather in November

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November Climate brief introduction:

November is almost the first month of winter in most of Tibet. It is around minus 5 degree at night in Lhasa but about 10 degree in the daytime. This is similar for Tsetang-Tibetan cultural cradle center. But in Shigatse city, it is quite dry and windy. However it is the dry season in Tibet and the oxygen standard is much lower than in summer. It is not good for high altitude adventure in Tibet but it is quite suitable for cultural travel. Travelers could have about 3 to 8 days to explore Lhasa, Tsetang (about 200km to southeast of Lhasa) and Gyantse, Shigatse, also the trip to Nyingchi is fine.

Climate in Lhasa in November: In november, the mean temperature in Lhasa is 2°C (maximum temperature is 8°C and minimum temperature is -4°C). The climate is rather more than very fresh there in the month of november. Bring warm clothes! It rains very rarely during november. You will not get wet throughout your holidays!

Climate in Chamdo in November: In the month of november, the mean temperature in Chamdo is -3°C (maximum temperature is 2°C and minimum temperature is -7°C). The climate is rather more than very fresh around this city in the month of november. Bring warm clothes! With barely 17mm over 4 days, the rain will not be a problem throughout your holidays.

What to wear in November?

For the nightly temperature drop and the temperature extremes as you change elevation, dress in layers with a coat, trousers, and a T-shirt. Cover up and wear a sun hat and sunglasses because of the UV radiation. You might need a coat inside Tibetan hotels and restaurants because many don't have central heating. Take heavier winter gear and gloves up to the higher mountain areas.

What to visit in November?

Travel outside Lhasa along the Friendship Highway to places such as Everest, Shigatse, Gyantze and Kathmandu in Nepal. Remember to acclimatize before going to higher elevations.

Mt. Everest Base Camp: Mt. Everest has clear dry weather in November so you can enjoy sightseeing and hiking. It is the driest month of the year with only 1 day of precipitation and 1 mm of precipitation usually. Though it is sunny, the UV radiation isn't very intense. The average nightly low is -12 °C (10 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 7 °C (45 °F). It feels nicely cool during sunny days at the 17,000 feet elevation. Travel Tips:

Tourism drops substantially in November from October, so you'll get a more authentic experience. The people around you may be mainly Tibetan. So November is an excellent time for touring the highlights before the temperature drops in December.

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