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Tibet Weather in August

Edited by on 2018-01-24 11:03:27

August Climate brief introduction:

August is the last month of summer in Tibet. The weather in Tibet in August is still quite nice and suitable for travel in most places in Tibet. There is less rain than July. People have more chances to see the clear face of Mt. Everest in August than in June and July. August is one of the best travel season in Tibet. Almost every year the Shoton Festival, one of the famous Tibetan tradtional festival, will be in this month and thousands of travelers around the world travel to Tibet.

The average maximum daytime temperature in Lhasa, Tibet in August is a comfortable 19°C (66°F). The average night-time temperature is usually a cold 7°C (45°F). There are usually 7 hours of bright sunshine each day, which represents 51% of the 13 hours of daylight.

Expect 107mm (4.2 inches) of rainfall across the whole of August with 21 days with some rain falling. Maximum UV levels will be extreme (11+ UV index) at midday when the skies are clear.

What to wear in August:

Summer is the best time to visit all areas of Tibet in a year as the weather is warmest in the year throughout Tibetan plateau and many grand traditional Tibetan festivals are held during this season. But do not expect Tibet is a place where T-shirt and short-pants are suitable for Tibet tour in summer all the time. Do pay attention to the mountain areas of Tibet, the great temperature difference between day and night and the strong sunlight on the high plateau. Long-sleeved shirt and long pants are recommended to avoid being hurt by the strong sunshine. Warm clothes should be prepared for travelling to mountain areas and preventing cold at night.

What to visit in August:

August is one of the best months to go to southern attractions such as Shigatse and other attractions along the Friendship Highway (G318). It is also one of the best months for the high elevation areas in the north of Lhasa because it is warm. However, it isn't a good month for hiking or sightseeing at Mt. Everest due to the heavy rain and snow. The further you travel away from Lhasa to the west and the north, the colder and harsher it is.

Summer festivals: Notable religious events include the Ganden Thangka Festival and the Shoton Festival. At the Ganden Thangka Festival, the monastery in Ganden 1.5 hours outside of Lhasa displays its relics and unveils its thangka. During the Shoton festival (yoghurt festival) in Lhasa, the Drebung and Sera monasteries show their thangkas, and then many Tibetans have picnics at the Norbulingka and watch Tibetan opera and dance.

Sporting event: The Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is held in August in the Nagqu area in a valley seven or eight hours north of Lhasa. The fun and games include dancing, yak races, archery and equestrian events. The road there passes Namtso Lake, and we could facilitate a visit to both of these highlights.

Tips for travelling to Tibet in summer:

Tibet's summer weather will not be very hot during the day; usually wearing a dress is enough. But to avoid the sunshine and UV, it is best to prepare long-sleeved clothes. In the evening, the temperature is a little bit low, if you fell could, you can bring a jacket to keep warm.

Also take sunscreen with you which can offer UV protection. In addition to long-sleeved clothes and long trousers, we should also prepare hat, and apply some sunscreen to protect the skin.

Although summer is the rainy season in Tibet, but the rain usually fall in the evening. It seldom rains during the day, however, in order to prevent the event, you’d better best take rain gears with you.

In simple terms, the Tibetan summer is like this, not too hot, not too cold. Leaving the plateau environment factor, that Tibet is the most suitable place to spend the summer holidays

The summer holiday between July and August is the high season of Tibet tour every year. With the increasing of visitors willing to travel to Tibet during the high season, it is more difficult to get the train tickets between Lhasa and other domestic cities. Except for the train tickets, the hotels in Tibet are also in extremely large demand in the high season.Tourists planning a Tibet tour in the high season should also note that the admission tickets of certain scenic spots should be booked in advance. The demand of the admission tickets of Potala Palace is greatly exceeds the supply in the high season.

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