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Tibet Train from Hong Kong to Lhasa

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For tourists who have long lived in low-altitude coastal areas, Tibet is like a god. The high altitude of Tibet is also daunting. The existence of mountain sickness also makes tourists who want to go to Tibet worried. High altitude sickness is a natural physiological response of the body adapting to high altitude. Some people adapt quickly and last for a short time. After sleeping, they will recover the next day. Some people adapt slowly, it takes three or four days to adapt gradually. It takes a few days for the train to arrive in Tibet, just enough to allow tourists to slowly adapt to the plateau.

There is no direct trains from Hong Kong to Lhasa, Tibet. Tourists who plan to enter Tibet by train from Hong Kong can only choose to transfer trains to other inland cities. The following explains how to travel by train in Hong Kong to Tibet is more convenient.

1. Xining transit-the most popular way to travel from Hong Kong to Tibet by train

Xining is the starting point for the Qinghai-Tibet train. There are many advantages for transit trains to Xining, but there are also some problems that need attention.

Why choose Xining transit Qinghai-Tibet train

1. At least 5 trains to Tibet go through Xining every day. It is easier to buy train tickets to Tibet during peak seasons.

Although there are many trains entering Tibet, each train has only a few sleeper cars, which can accommodate a limited number of passengers. However, the train journey into Tibet is long and it takes a long time. It will be more tormenting if you do not buy sleeper tickets. Therefore, sleeper tickets for entering Tibet will be in short supply, especially during the peak tourist season in Tibet from June to August. It is difficult to successfully purchase sleeper tickets for Qinghai-Tibet trains from other starting cities, and there are more trains passing through Xining and easier to buy sleeper train tickets.

2. Xining is 2200 meters above sea level, you can go to Xining in advance to adapt to the elevation while visiting.

Hong Kong is below 50 meters above sea level, Xining City is 2,200 meters above sea level, and Qinghai Lake is 3,200 meters above sea level. If you go to Xining for a transfer and take a short trip around Xining for two or three days by the way, you can also adapt to the new altitude in Xining. Once you have adapted to the altitude of 2000-3000, you will get to Lhasa at an average altitude of 3,600 meters and adapt faster.

3. The train from Xining to Lhasa lasts for 22 hours, and you only need to spend one night on the train.

The Qinghai-Tibet trains take a long time to implement. From Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Chongqing to the Qinghai-Tibet train, it takes two days and nights on the train to reach Lhasa. Being cramped for a long time in a crowded and small compartment can make people really tired, which may aggravate discomfort and cause altitude sickness. But there is no such worry about getting on the train from Xining. If you take the train in the morning, you can arrive the next afternoon. The time schedule is quite reasonable.

4. Trains entering Tibet can choose more trains and trains with longer viewing time.

Although the trains entering Tibet follow the same route, the scenery along the way is also the same, and the daytime viewing time is the same in the same day, but the scenic sections that can be seen during the day are different for different trains. Some trains can see Hoh Xil during the day, while others pass through Hoh Xil at night. Xining has a lot of trains to Tibet. If you have more tickets, you can choose the time of travel and pass the scenery you want to see during the day.

5. Xining is a multi-ethnic region. You can experience more colorful culture and scenery in Xining.

Not only can you see Qinghai Lake in Xining, you can also see the Taer Monastery, which is as famous as the Jokhang Temple and Tashilhunpo Monastery. This is also the birthplace of Tibetan culture. There is a Tibetan Culture Museum in Xining City that introduces Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhist culture. At the same time, there are also multi-ethnic living areas such as Hui and Uygur people. In Xining, you can feel more ethnic customs and taste ethnic cuisine.

Qinghai-Tibet train running on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Qinghai-Tibet train running on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

How to get to Xining from Hong Kong

Xining is the capital city of Qinghai Province. It is located in the northwestern part of the mainland. It is about 2,000 kilometers away from Hong Kong in a straight line, which is about the same distance from Hong Kong to Beijing. Although Xining has an international airport, it has not yet opened direct flights to Hong Kong. At present, only connecting flights to other inland cities can be transferred.

Hong Kong and Xining can take a connecting flight, which takes a relatively long time. It takes half a day or even one day to arrive, depending on the duration of the connecting flight.

You can choose not to stop at the transit airport and take the fastest flight to reach the destination, or you can stop and play in transit places such as Chengdu and Xi'an for a day or two and then take a direct flight to Xining. In our itinerary, if you have plenty of time, we will recommend that you stop and play at the transit point. You don't have to be too in a hurry to travel. Slow down to enjoy the scenery and enjoy life is a more comfortable trip.

Things to note when taking Qinghai-Tibet train in Xining

1. There are many ethnic minorities in Xining, and there are many taboos for different ethnic groups. Pay special attention when traveling.

The diversity of ethnic minorities has brought a more colorful culture, and there are also more religious taboos to be observed. Regardless of whether it is eating or visiting, you need to pay special attention to avoid unpleasant journeys.

2. Although there are many trains entering Tibet from Xining, most of them are passing cars. The parking time is short. Be careful not to miss the train.

There are many trains entering Tibet from Xining, and generally only 1-2 trains are the starting trains, which will depart on time and have more time to prepare for entry. More trains are passing by. It may not be on time when arriving at Xining Railway Station. It may be early or late, so it is easy for passengers to miss the train time. Please be careful not to miss the train.

Chengdu/Chongqing transit-the most popular way for Hong Kong trains to enter Tibet

Chengdu is located in the middle of Hong Kong to Lhasa, and there are many international flights from Hong Kong to Chengdu, making it more convenient to fly.

Why choose Chengdu/Chongqing transit Qinghai-Tibet train

1. The distance is moderate, there are direct flights to Hong Kong, making it easier to transfer

Although the train from Chengdu to Chongqing is not the fastest to enter Tibet, the distance is moderate. Although you need to spend two nights on the train, you only need to spend one day on the train without being too tired. Moreover, there are more direct flights from Hong Kong to Chengdu and Chongqing, making it easier to transfer.

2. The Sichuan-Chongqing area is a gourmet resort where you can taste delicious food

Chengdu and Chongqing are well-known food destinations in China. The spicy hot pot here is the most famous, and various snacks are also dazzling. Those who can eat spicy food must not miss the opportunity to taste delicious food.

3. The Sichuan-Chongqing area has unique scenery, and it can also be used for short trips during transit

Chengdu is the hometown of giant pandas. It has the largest number of captive breeding bases, where you can admire pandas of different sizes. You can also go to Leshan, Emei, to experience the charm of Central Plains Buddhism. Chongqing is a magical three-dimensional city. The staggered buildings and light rails make people feel like they are in the future science fiction world, which is worth experiencing.

4. The train from Chengdu/Chongqing arrives in Lhasa in the morning, so there is more time to adjust and adapt

Trains departing from Chengdu and Chongqing will arrive in Lhasa at around 10 am. After arriving, there will be more time to rest in Lhasa, adjust and adapt to the altitude. You can get enough sleep and rest time before officially visiting the scenic spots, which can relieve altitude sickness to the greatest extent.

How to get to Chengdu/Chongqing from Hong Kong?

Chengdu and Chongqing are two neighboring cities located in southwestern China. The straight-line distance from Hong Kong is about 1200 kilometers, which is about the same as the distance from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

Chengdu and Chongqing are about 220 kilometers apart, and the transportation between the two places is relatively convenient. The high-speed rail can reach them in 1.5 hours.

There are direct flights from Hong Kong to Chengdu and Chongqing, and the flight time is about 2.5 hours. There are multiple direct flights to Chengdu and Chongqing every day, and tourists can choose freely according to their own schedule.

Precautions for taking Qinghai-Tibet train from Chengdu to Chongqing from Hong Kong

1. The train from Chengdu/Chongqing to Tibet departs on the next day, so please pay attention when planning your itinerary.

Chengdu and Chongqing are adjacent to each other. In order to meet the needs of passengers from different regions, both cities have opened trains that depart from Tibet. However, considering that the two lines are more duplicated, they are specially adjusted to stagger the next day. If today is Chengdu Trains that depart from Tibet will not depart from Chongqing; tomorrow will depart from Chongqing and Chengdu will not depart. This staggering is more conducive to passengers. When making a plan, passengers must figure out whether the departure point is Chongqing or Chengdu, so as not to delay the ride.

2. The pick-up time in Chengdu/Chongqing is at night. After boarding, you should take the time to rest while the altitude is not high.

It is already nine or ten o'clock in the evening when you get on the train. It is the time to rest, you cannot see the scenery at night. You should rest and go to bed early, so that you will have more energy to feel the charm of the plateau the next day.

Transit to Qinghai-Tibet train in Guangzhou

Why choose Guangzhou transit Qinghai-Tibet train

1. Guangzhou is closer to Hong Kong and transfer is faster.

Guangzhou is the nearest city from which the Qinghai-Tibet train departs from Hong Kong. From Hong Kong to Guangzhou, it can now be reached by high-speed rail in one hour. It takes half a day to get on the train from Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou Railway Station.

2. The train from Guangzhou to Lhasa realizes the crossing from south to north and east to west. You can enjoy more scenery on the train

The train from Guangzhou to Lhasa passes through Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Xining and finally arrives at Lhasa, crossing the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, across the North China Plain and the Loess Plateau, etc. The terrain and topography are varied, and the scenery outside the window is also colorful. You can enjoy more different views on the train.

How to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Guangzhou are only 150 kilometers apart. With the opening of the Hong Kong-Guangzhou high-speed train, the distance between the two places has been further shortened. From Hong Kong to Guangzhou, the main mode of transportation at present is the high-speed rail.

The execution time of the high-speed rail from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Guangzhou South Railway Station is only one hour, and there are no less than 10 high-speed rails running every day, making travel very convenient. For more traffic issues from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, please refer to Hong Kong to Guangzhou Traffic 1695.

Precautions for Guangzhou to take the Qinghai-Tibet train

1. The train from Guangzhou to Tibet takes a long time.

The Qinghai-Tibet train in Guangzhou takes the longest time. It takes 52.5 hours to spend two days and two nights on the train. Except occasionally when you get off the train at the stopover site for a few minutes to breathe, you need to stay in a small space on the train at other times.

2. Cannot take a shower on the train

On the train, there is only a washing station for brushing teeth and washing your face, you cannot take a shower and wash your hair. However, you can bring a folding washbasin and towels, and take hot water to scrub on the train. It should be noted that hard sleeper cars cannot be closed, while soft sleeper cars can be closed to form a closed space.

Xi'an transit Qinghai-Tibet train

Why choose Xi'an transit Qinghai-Tibet train

1. Xi'an is a famous ancient city with a long history and unique scenery

Xi'an was once the capital of the most glorious ancient dynasty-the Tang Dynasty. It was once the center of the world, prosperous, and left many historical monuments. If you want to understand Chinese history, Xi'an is a must.

2. The execution time of Xi'an to Tibet train is moderate, just spend one night on the train

Although it takes a little bit longer time to get on the train from Xi’an than Xining to Tibet, it’s much shorter than getting on the train from other cities. You only need to spend one night on the train.

Qinghai-Tibet train

On the Qinghai-Tibet train, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the plateau along the way.

How to get to Xi'an from Hong Kong

Xi'an is located in the northwest of the mainland, with a straight line distance of about 1500 meters from Hong Kong. There is at least one direct flight from Hong Kong to Xi'an every day without connecting flights. The flight time is about 3 hours.

Things to note when taking Qinghai-Tibet train in Xi'an

Trains entering Tibet from Xi’an are not the originating trains, but the trains originating from Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The train from Xi'an to Tibet is not the originating train, and it may not arrive on time at the station. Generally, the stay at Xi'an Station is only about ten minutes. Tourists get on the train very quickly, and you may miss it if you are not careful. Therefore, when waiting at the train station, you should enter the station in advance, listen to the announcement, and do not delay. Foreign guests who understand Chinese are recommended to choose to use Chinese. If they do not speak Chinese, they may have difficulties in the car.

Trains departing from Hong Kong into Tibet can also transfer to Shanghai and Beijing

Trains from Hong Kong to Tibet rarely transit between Shanghai and Beijing, because such a transfer will increase the transportation time of the entire journey, and the execution time of the trains from Shanghai and Beijing to Tibet is longer, both exceeding for 40 hours, passengers need to spend two nights on the train, which may increase the fatigue of the journey. But if you have a greater willingness to travel to Beijing and Shanghai, and at the same time want to take a train to Tibet, you can completely transfer to Beijing and Shanghai. We can also arrange a satisfactory itinerary for you throughout the process.

Advantages of Transiting Qinghai-Tibet Train in Shanghai and Beijing

1. There are many flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai and Beijing, and the schedule is more free.

The three places are both prosperous cities, with numerous flights, more choices and more free time arrangements.

2. Beijing and Shanghai are the most prosperous, with a high level of modernization, which can adapt to different tourism needs.

Beijing is also an ancient capital, with many historical buildings, including the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and many other historical and cultural relics to visit. Shanghai is more open and its architectural styles are more diverse.

Disadvantages of Shanghai and Beijing transit Qinghai-Tibet train

Long train execution time

The trains from Shanghai and Beijing to Tibet take more than 40 hours to complete. There are many cities across provinces. Passengers need to spend two nights on the train and cannot take a shower.

【In summary】

Hong Kong trains entering Tibet are the most convenient and beneficial to transit from Xining, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Chongqing. While visiting local scenic spots and tasting local specialties, you can also reduce the time spent on the Qinghai-Tibet train as much as possible to ensure travel comfort. We have prepared a number of train routes from Hong Kong to Tibet, hoping to meet your travel needs. If you have a better plan and other ideal travel plans, you can contact us. We will try our best to arrange a satisfactory Tibet train for you trip.

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