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Tibet Train Ticket Booking/Reservation

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 As the Chinese state owned train station does not sell its tickets online, you will need to book the tickets through local travel agencies in advance. However, it is impossible to purchase train tickets at the local train ticket office during the peak travel season for such an in-demand train route as almost all of the train tickets are reserved by travel agencies in advance. Therefore it is wise to book your train tickets through the travel agency that is handling your tour in Tibet. Please be aware that the travel agency that helps you book your train tickets must be a reliable one as not all travel agencies who advertise that they can book Qinghai - Tibet Railway tickets are able to guarantee you the tickets simply because of high demand and limited tickets, particularly for soft-sleeper berths.TIBETTRAVEL.COM is a qualified agent to help you book your train tickets to Lhasa as we have developed a stable relationship with the train stations that sell the tickets and we annually reserve a reasonable number of tickets to assist our customers.


Train Ticket Booking



When you submit the reservation, please kindly read the NOTICE below.


train Your submitted reservation is not an order, but just an inquiry. The reservation need to be confirmed by TIBETTRAVEL.COM.


train As the limited supply of tickets of Tibet train, especially in the peak travel season, TIBETTRAVEL.COM need pay some fees for handling reservation, the ticket issurance and tickets delivery, so we need to charge customer an addtional service fee, the amount of which is affected by Supply and Demand. Before you decide to book the tickets, please contact our tripadvisor to confirm the amount of the service fee .


train Due to limited supply of tickets, generally speaking, TIBETTRAVEL.COM just offers the tickets to the cunstomers who book tour and tickets together, and does not offer tickets reservation service only. If you have already had a travel plan, please feel free to get a price quotation from TIBETTRAVEL.COM. We are sure to offer you the competitive price.


train It is better to reserve train tickets 3-6 months in advance, as the railway station tickets office normally give preferential treatment to earlier order.


train No matter how early you make the reservation, in China, the railway station tickets office will issue tickets 5-10 days in advance, and the tickets must to be issued at the departure city. Thus, we do not have enough time to deliver the train tickets to places out of China, but we can deliver the tickets to your local hotel or you can go to our local office to fetch them.

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