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Central Tibet Tours—Classic Tibetan culture tour


Why go


As one of the most unique cultures in the world, Tibetan culture always catches worldwide attentions. There are unique Tibetan Buddhism, devout pilgrims, distinct life style, countless historical legends and stories. All of them are deeply branded with Tibetan religion. In addition to palaces and monasteries, the stories behind are the most important parts of this religious culture tour.


What to see


Undoubtedly, the highlights of this itinerary are monasteries, such as the grandest and highest palace in the world, the holiest Jokhang Temple, four monasteries which play an important role in religion and history (Drepung monastery, Sera monastery, Tashilhunpo monastery and Samye monastery), and Palcho monastery, well-known for integrating multi religious sects with one and hundred thousand stupas. Furthermore, tourists may enjoy the stunning scenery of wide Yarlung Zangbo River and its valley, beautiful view of Yamdrok Lake, and lofty Karo La glacier are also the highlights of this tour.


When go


This itinerary is available all year round. Besides grand monasteries, you can also appreciate stunning natural landscapes in Tibet from April to October. In winter, the natural landscapes are relatively dull, but you can enjoy lower cost as it is the off season in Tibet.

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