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About King Cypress

Legend has it that the World King Cypress has seen the birth of one of the world’s oldest religion- Bon, which predates Buddhism, Christianity, Islam. The cypress is approximately 50 meters high, 5.8 metres in diameter, and has a trunk circumference of about 18.2 meters. This tree may be 2,000 to 2,500 years old, and is seen as a holy tree by pilgrims.   
The unique cypresses mainly in Nyingchi, grow on a mountain slope with an elevation of 3,040 meters above see level. The World King Cypress is surrounded by at least 0.1 km² of ancient cypress-trees with an average height of 44 m. According to the local anecdotes, this very World King Cypress is connected with a legendary person- Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, who lives long long agao before Gautama Buddha and founded the Bon religion. This religion is practiced up to this day and is regarded as relict by Tibetan people.   
Owning to the respected status of the famous cypress, trees about it and itself have been preserved very well.
Tips of King Cypress
The Niyang River is not far away. You can pay a visit by the way.
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