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Why go

Tibet is a broad area with varied scenery. From the perspective of natural landscape, eastern Tibet is definitely a shining pearl in Tibetan Plateau with Nyingchi as a representative. There are mild climate, attractive scenery, and a great variety of plants and animals, which can be rated as the kingdom of animals and plants. Different ethnic minorities live in there and virgin forest hunting culture and traditional Bon culture all together help to form the unique Gongbu Tibetan culture. Eastern Tibet with charming natural landscape has always been a paradise for photographers, and attracts many tourists at both home and abroad every year.
What to see
In addition to famous palaces, monasteries and Buddhist cultural atmosphere in Lhasa, the highlight of this tour is the stunning natural landscape in Eastern Tibet. You can appreciate different sceneries in different seasons. For example, there are peach blossoms all over the mountains in March and April, rhododendrons in May and June, and colorful autumnal scenery in October and November. Surrounded by continuous snow-capped mountains, lush forest, holy lakes, and rushing rivers, which just like a classic picture of Chinese landscape painting.
When go
This itinerary is available all year round. Most attractions are not affected by the season except Namtso Lake, thus tourists can visit these places without any worries. However, given the climate and weather condition the best travel season is from March to November.
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