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About Drolma Canyon

In Gulu Township, 92 kilometers away from the south of Nagchu Town, Drolma Canyon Scenic Spot has an average elevation of 4,700 meters. It has a nice natural environment with beautiful mountains and lakes. In June and July, the weather here is temperate and comfortable. With flowers and grass everywhere, it is very attractive.

It is 11 kilometers from National Highway 109 with breath-taking sceneries of green trees, colorful flowers, crystal clean lakes and lofty mountains. The Drolma Canyon spot is about 15 meters long; one side of the canyon stands lofty snow mountains and the other side is full of various green plants with a creek running between. There you can find vibrant animals like eagles, goats, rabbits and many others running and jumping on the vast grassland, as well as the breath-taking view of glaciers.

Tips of Drolma Canyon

The landscape of Drolma Canyon with various wildlife is astonishing. When seeing these cute animals, do not attempt to capture them.

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