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The Kings' burial mounds in Chongye provide evidence for a pre-Buddhist culture in Tibet, which is quite rare. Though the way they were buried indicates the Bon faith, most of the kings are now associated with the rise of Buddhism in Tibet. People explain that the burials were probably done by Bon priests and accompanied by sacrificial offerings. More archaeological evidence shows that earth burial, instead of sky burial might have been widespread in the time of the Yarlung kings. Some also suggests that common people might have earth burial as the kings did.

The location and number of the mounds are various. The erosion has made some of them difficult to identify. However, it is agreed that there is a group of 10 burial mounds, located just south of the Chongye-chu.

The Tomb of Songtsen Gampo is the most revered of all the mounds. It is also the closet one to the main road. As the largest of the burial mounds, it has a small Nyingmapa temple, with a top of 13m-high. The Tomb of Trisong Detsen is the furthest of all the mounds, sitting high on the slopes of Mt. Mura, which is about an hour's climbing. All in all, the climbing is worth a try, for it offers superb views of the Chongye Valley.

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