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About Gangpo Ri

Gangpo Ri is the legendary birthplace of the Tibetan people. It is said that Chenresig, in the form of a monkey, mated with the white demoness Sinmo here. And this is the beginnings of the Tibetan race. That's why the place is very special for the local people. 

There is a Monkey Cave near the summit of the mountain. It said to be the exact place where the legend happened. Therefore, this mountain is considered as one of the holy mountains, just like the famous Mount Kailash. If you want to pay a visit to the sacred place, you may need a half-day walk in the hills. The most direct way is that from the Sangngag Zimche Nunnery, from where you only need to climb about 550m to the cave.

Tips of Gangpo Ri

1. Many hotels in Shannan Prefecture are located in Tsedang.

2. Monkey Cave is hard to find. You’d better ask some locals about the route in advance.

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