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About Drolma Lhakhang

This significant although small monastery is jam-packed with ancient relics and hidden treasures. It’s only 30 minutes drive southwest of Lhasa and is worth a stop for those interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

As you take the Lhasa-Tsetang road out of Lhasa, you’ll pass a blue rock carving of Sakyamuni Buddha at the base of a cliff about 11 km southwest of town. Nyetang village and the monastery are about 6 km further on.

Drolma Lhakhang is associated with the Bengali scholar Atisha. Atisha came to Tibet and his teachings were instrumental in the so-called second diffusion of Buddhism in the 11th century. Drolma Lhakhang was established at this time by one of Atisha’s foremost disciples, Dromtonpa, who also founded the Kadampa order, to which the monastery belongs. It was here at Netang that Atisha died aged 72.

The first chapel to the left is a gonkhang, decorated with severed stags’ heads and arrow holders. As you enter and exit the main monastery building look for the 2 ancient guardian deities, which may even date back to the 11th century founding of the monastery. An inner kora surrounds the main chapels.

Tips of Drolma Lhakhang

Drolma Lhakhang is right by the roadside, so it’s very convenient for visitors to come and go.

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