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Though the kora around Drepung Monastery is very attractive, it climbs up to around the height of 3,900m. It is suggested that a tourist should probably stay a few days to get used to the altitude before they go to the Drepung kora. It usually takes about an hour to walk there. At the turn-off to the Ganden Palace, you can find the path continuing uphill, passing several rock paintings, then going all the way up past a high wall, which was used to hang a giant thangka during the Shoton festival, finally it peaking at a valley of prayer flags from where it falling to the east through an encased Drolma statue and several more rock carvings. All the way you can enjoy the fantastic view.

Transportation is very convenient. You can take minibus 301, 302 and 303. All start from Beijing Donglu to the foot of the Drepung hill. Then you can take a coach which can take you up to the monastery. There are also direct minibuses. They usually start early in the morning in the place in front of Barkhor Square. Taxi is available, too. It usually costs 20 to 30 yuan to get there from Barkhor.

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