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If you ask me to use one color to describe Lhasa, I would say it is “Golden”. In the early morning, the Potala Palace is preoccupied with the holy morning glow and only the noble gold can match the holy city.


Gold is the color of the sun. It is like a naughty elf wandering in the cold air of Lhasa in early spring. The shining Buddha in monasteries, the delicate golden burner before the Buddha, the never-stopping prayer tube, Lhasa is just like a sagacious child who would laugh happily when the sun shines on him.


The buildings of monasteries in Lhasa are mainly golden; in autumn, the golden forests, the golden highland barley and many other things all make Lhasa more “golden”. Lhasa is the holy place for pilgrims, which also makes it be covered with mysterious gold. Being in Lhasa, you would indulge into different gold and each of the gold would make you fascinated. Then during your Lhasa tour, how to travel the golden Lhasa?

There are five ways to travel in the Golden Lhasa:


Way 1: to walk along with the prostrating pilgrims


Itinerary: the Jokhang Temple-Barkhor Street Kora-Ramoche Monastery-Sera Monastery-Drepung Monastery-Drigung Til Monastery-Dezong Hot Springs-Ganden Monastery-Jiama Ditch


Attractions: if the Potala Palace is the symbol of Lhasa, then the Barkhor Street around the Jokhang Temple is the soul of Lhasa. Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery and Ganden Monastery are the three monasteries of Gelupa. There is the most famous celestial burial ground in Drigung Til Monastery, the Dezong Hot Springs were consecrated by Padma Sambhava and Jiama Ditch is the birth place of the ancient Tibetan king, Songtsen Gampo.


Suggested tour:


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2. 5-day Lhasa Monasteries Tour

Way 2: to explore mysteries from Chak-po-ri Mountain

Itinerary: Chak-po-ri Mountain Cliff-Carving-Gongde Forest-Guandi Temple-Zhaji Temple-Tsupu Monastery-Reting Monastery

Attractions: Lhasa, even some corners in the city, can always give you surprises. Chak-po-ri Mountain Cliff-Carving, Gongde Forest, Guandi Temple and Zhaji Temple are all in Lhasa, but there are fewer tourists there. And most of the people there are the local prayer people. The Tsupu Monastery and the Reting Monastery both have a long history.

Suggested tour: 5-day Lhasa and local life discovery tour

Way 3: to enjoy the “golden pool” which can be seen below the Euphrates Poplar Forest in the wind

Itinerary: enjoying sunset near the Lhasa River-Lalu Wetland-White Poplar Landscape Boulevard-Golden Pool

Attractions:Lhasa is a Golden city and autumn is the season in which it is the most golden. The Lhasa in autumn is quite bright gold. And because of the “gold”, the sky is bluer and the river is cleaner. In autumn, the water in Lhasa River is blue, the white poplars are golden, the water grasses in Lalu Wetland are red and yellow and the migrant birds fly here to enjoy the winter. There are the famous landscape boulevards around Lhasa with both sides of them being white poplar and Euphrates poplar. When the wind blows, the yellow leaves fly. In the east of Lhasa, there is a forest for fishing. In the water are the shadows of the two small houses. It's quite like being in the fairy tale. And this place is being called the "Golden Pool" here by the Photographers. And it's the symbol of autumn of Lhasa.


Way 4: all kinds of delicious food

Itinerary: Barkhor street-Deji road-Balcoo road-Sun Island

Attractions:There are mainly Sichuan dishes, Tibetan dishes, western dishes, northwest flavor and Hui nationality flavor in Lhasa. The main food streets are Deji road, Balcoo road and Sun Island and they are all Chinese dishes. While there are western restaurants and Tibetan restaurants around the Jokhang temple, such as Lhasa Kitchen, snow area.

Way 5: to go shopping in the golden city

Itinerary: Barkhor street-tibet hospital Road-Ramoche Temple road-the Potala Palace

Attractions:The Barkhor Street is always busy. In the narrow street, there are lots of different stores selling all kinds of Tibetan handicrafts like Tibetan knives, carpet, silver ornaments, Tibetan hanging lights, Nepal costumes and many other things. Some stores even don't have any names, while you are very likely to find some pretty rarely-seen stuff. Some unique Tibetan costume, a beautiful Tibetan necklace and even a delicate Tibetan knife will all make you love it so much. The stores on the Tibet hospital road look more of quality, and even doing some window shopping there is also very good. The Ramoche Temple road is a shopping place for the Tibetan people’s commodities.

Suggested tour: 4-day Lhasa Impression

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