Tibet News

Tibet is always a beautiful and still normal after the earthquake. It was just little effected. The life in Tibet returned to the normal quickly.
Everything clams down and moves on normally after the unexpected earthquake. Working at ATT, so get much closer to Tibet, the divine land
Tibet, named The Holy Land with divine palaces, mountains, and pious Tibetan monks who are always known as Lamas, is still beautiful after the suffering of the unexpected 3.14 Tibetan Riot, blessed by the god.
Pierre from France who possesses the Rabit head and Mouse head of Old Summer Palace Beijing said he could return the antiques to China under the precondition that China allows Dalai Lama to go back to Tibet.
It was reported on Feb. 26th noon time that the road from Sichuan and Yunan to Tibet collapsed on the part of Pomei Town of Basok county due to the four times of big snow recently in Tibet. there was no death and injured reported. Picture shows the big snow
BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Gannan Tibet Autonomous Prefecture of northwest China's Gansu province will quicken traffic infrastructure construction in a major drive to stimulate the local economy in 2009, according to the Gannan highway general department.
Fireworks are on sale in the markets with Tibetan New Year approaching. All the entertainment places in TAR are forbidden to set off fireworks during the Tibetan New Year, and the "burning limit rules" will be implemented strictly, sources from TAR safety supervision department.
A Tibetan young man is selling offerings, photo from Xinhua, Feb 8.
The Chinese government has devoted a great amount of human, financial and material resources to ensure the inheritance, promotion and development of Tibetan culture, especially in the protection of cultural relics.
It was the journalists bring such a big news to Tenzin Pasang, a 68-year-old Tibetan in Ngaqen Township that China has already set a commemorative day "Serfs Emancipation Day" for those former serfs including himself.
The western Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14 has influenced Lhasa, the capital of TAR. Merchants of roses and chocolates have made good preparations to welcome this festive weekend.
Perched on a hill, the whitewashed compound in the valley west of the Jinsha River in far-flung eastern Tibet, gleams under a sky that is unbelievably clear and blue.
A famous tourist destination, and also the biggest Tibetan Buddist temple of the Yellow School in Beijing. Built in the Qing Dynasty, it was the former residence of Emperor Yongzheng before he took the throne. The temple combines the architectural styles of Han, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan peoples 
Lhasa, capital of Tibet, hailed the opening of the Shoton Festival, also known as "Yoghourt Festival", in front of the Potala Palace Square, on August 30.
Actresses dance during a dress rehearsal of the evening party held by Lhasa TV station for the upcoming new year of Tibetan calendar which falls on Feb. 25, in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Feb. 10, 2009, photo Xinhua.