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The train journey between capital cities of ethnic Tibet and Xinjiang regions would be greatly cut short by a new railway line, a high-ranking official said Sunday.
Tibet will be built into a world tourist destination, said Baima Chilin, NPC member, deputy Party secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region and director of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government.
K J M VarmaBeijing, Feb 7 (PTI) China plans to develop three major mineral bases in Tibet in the coming five years amid reports that 102 types of deposits with an estimated value of USD 100 billion have been discovered in the region.The Tibet Autonomous Region will step up the exploration of copper, 
Passed down from over 400 years ago, the colored butter sculpture, a specialized Tibetan artifact, is now facing a dilemma of talent shortage.
Tibet's architectural gem, the Potala Palace, saw 4.04 million tourists and believers in Buddhism over the past five years, local cultural heritage authorities announced Wednesday.
The 375 km-long Hindustan Tibet Highway, linking the state with the last post of Kurick at the India-China border, was partly opened for vehicular traffic after remaining cut off for the past four days.
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region is striving to become a major destination for worldwide sightseers with an estimated 7.5 million tourists to visit this year, Xinhua news agency quoted the regional government leader as saying on Wednesday.
China rejects these charges, saying it is only trying to bring development to a poor and backward region, including new transport links in the form of roads, railways and airports.
Tibet is in the final phase of completing its first expressway, a four-lane road linking Lhasa's city and Gongkar Airport, and is expected to resume its services in six months.
Lhasa is a city of contradictions. While this is Tibet's holiest city, it is also home to massage parlors, thousands of prostitutes, and a very noticeable Chinese military presence.
A five-star spa comes to Tibet with the St. Regis Lhasa
A multi-billion dollar project to connect the power grid in Tibet to the one in the rest of China will be completed by 2012, ensuring a steady supply of electricity to the plateau region.
Two Americans, Moge and Katy, tell their stories to Tibet through video episodes.
Ganglamedo Bar sits in the heart of the soul of the snow high land. it is one of the most famous bar, or more like a restaurant in Tibet. Ganglamedo means snow lotus in Tibetan, maybe one day you can feel it when you are there, but your words will fail to express what you feel inside.