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Mt. Everest, also called Mount Qomolangma , is the highest peak in the world. Its Tibetan meaning of 'Goddess the Thir 

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Yangpachen gains its fame from the abundant geothermic heat which provides people with much to explore.Yangpachen was originally grazing land. Now indoor and outdoor swimming hot spring pools have been set up, in which visitors can enjoy a bath in the heaven of the world.
Located on the east bank of the Yalong River southeast of Tsedang Town, the Yumbu Lakang is famed as the first Tibetan palace. It was originally built for Nyatri Tsenpo who was the first king of Tibet in the 2nd century BC and it has become the Tibetan kings' palace since then.
The holy Yamdrok Yumtso Lake lies to the south of Yarlong Tsangpo River in the Shannan Region of Tibet. The lake is one of three holy lakes in Tibet. It is the largest freshwater lake at the south foot of the Himalayas with an area of about 638 square kilometers (about 246 square miles). It is said to be the female Guardian of Buddhism in Tibet.
Yadong means "rushing deep valley in the Tibetan language," It is a frontier county and trade-market of Tibet, situated in the mouth of the Chumbi valley near the Indian frontier.During the British invasion in 1888, Yadong then was turned into a British Commercial Ports.
Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the world's deepest, longest, highest and most dangerous one. Stretching in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, it occupies an area of 64,300 square kilometers.It is the highest green land on earth. Green mountains have snow-covered peaks poking through the clouds. It is famous for mountain belts, unusual plants and animals, and mysterious cultures.