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Mt. Everest, also called Mount Qomolangma , is the highest peak in the world. Its Tibetan meaning of 'Goddess the Thir 

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Reting Monastery (Wylie: Rwa-sgreng gom pa) is an historically important Buddhist monastery in Lhünzhub County in the Lhasa Prefecture of central Tibet. It is also commonly spelled "Radreng."
Located in the Ngari Region, Tibet Autonomous Region, Ruins of Guge Kingdom are the Old Summer Palace of Tibet.Established in about the 10th century, the Guge Kingdom was founded by one branch of descendants of a nearby crumbled Kingdom. It was ruled by about 16 kings with armies of tens of thousands of soldiers during the over 700 years in which it flourished.The most interesting aspects of the Ruins are the five temples and palaces - the White Temple, Red Temple, Samsara Temple, Imperial Palace, and Assembly Palace.
Ramoche Monastery is situated in the northwest of Lhasa, covering a total area of 4000 square meters (one acre). This temple is one of the key cultural relic protection sites of the Tibet Autonomous Region as well as a hot attraction in Lhasa. Ramoche Monastery fell into ruins and went through many reconstructions - only the Buddha palace on the first floor is left in its original state. The present temple is the result of the large restoration of 1986. The temple is a wonderful example of the combination of Han and Tibetan architectural styles.
It was established in 1902 by a Nyingmapa lama. It is the main Buddhist centre in the Mt. Everest area and once coordinated the activities of around a dozen smaller religious institutions, all of which are now ruined.