Small Group Overland Expedition To Kathmandu 7 Days

Other things to know before you go

Tibet is part of China which is the fact, so you must firstly get the China Visa if you want to travel there. However, there is some tricks for you to apply for China visa besides the common way if your travel destination is Tibet.
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You can only get a China Visa via China embassy or consulate. Click here to find the nearest one.
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Tibet permits are also needed apart from China visa.
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Tips for Nepali Visa:
In Kodari it’s possible to get a Nepali visa. For a single entry visa for 60 days, it costs US$30 cash or the equivalent in rupees; for a GRATIS visa, it is for all tourists who visit Nepal for 3 days or less, or for tourists of SAARC countries and People's Republic of China. And passport size 02 copies of photo are required while applying at any entry points.
How to get to Kathmandu from the border:
Continuing straight on to Kathmandu there are buses every hour or so to Barabise (RS 55, three hours) around halfway, where you change to a Kathmandu bus (RS63, three or four hours). The buses will be packed, and you may mysteriously find yourself dropped off before you reach Kathmandu; locals say that sometimes the bus will drive you all the way in and sometimes it won’t. The better option is to hire a vehicle from near Nepali immigration. A ride to Kathmandu (four to five hours) costs around US$ 80-100 per car. And if you need we could ask our partner in Nepal side to pick you up at the border and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu, but it usually costs US$ 200-220 per car, you could just pay them directly in cash. Nepal is an odd 2.15 hours behind Chinese time.
Dot not forget something to physically protect yourself

a. no matter what reason it is, try to bring more clothes with you than ever and ask the guide about the weather

b. bring the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong sunlight and snow shining

c. take a hat with a tie while going to Mt. Everest Base Camp to protect your skin from the strong sun rays

How long does the group tour last every year?

All year around

However, you may ask the possibility during raining seasons in late July, August, and mid-September

Because of the road condition in accordance with whether it snows or not for the sake of safe journey, and because of degree of how cold it is, this tour program can be operated in the other months except the periods of late January to the end of March when it is often snowing or the coldest days. However, some times even in the other months tourists cannot go either because of the continuing days of rains which causes road collapse or flooded. This kind of circumstance seldom happens and it is quickly to get recovery when tourist season.