Small Group Overland Expedition To Kathmandu 7 Days

Is this Adventure Right for You?

Honest Notification
1. Think about whether the Group Tour is what you want, because Group Tour programs and arrangements are just like the set-menu, or a buffet, but not a la carte. This means that if you have special tastes please go to the customized tour. Joining in the Group Tour means that you accept the menus. We, of course, would like you to make the details clear before you book with us at
2. Based on point 1, however, if you do not like some of the set-menu, i.e you don’t like the hotels, please let us know before the booking and we can adjust the hotels. Or if we cannot meet your demands we will recommend you go to the customized tour. We design the Group Tour for those who want to save money, or make friends with other group members. Just like Southwest Airline in the United States we serve the limited tourists, not all. Those who have special requests or want a deluxe tour please go to customized tour.
The vehicle used for the trip may or may not be air-conditioned, but due to the unique Tibetan climate it is unlikely air-condition will be needed. Also, because group size will vary the vehicle may be a van, Landcruiser, or mini-bus.
Due to the high altitude you may need oxygen if you feel uncomfortable or have altitude sickness, especially those whose stay is shorter than 7 days. In this situation, you may tell us your needs in advance, and pay the surcharge. Please read over our information concerning Altitude Sickness. Accommodations
Three star standard hotels, except around Mt. Everest where only local guesthouses are available. There is no shower at the Ronghpu Monastery Guesthouse
Meals are provided when access to local foods is limited, such as around Mt. Everest Base Camp. In the cities and villages we give you the opportunity to choose where you dine.
Group tour regulations
Since it is a group tour and the activity for the whole group can be conducted once, we ask that you arrive on time for all departures from sites. Important- Please read the following prior to your departure
1. We cannot refund all or part of the tour fee due to your own causes. Also, we cannot change the set itinerary menu to others. For those places listed as optional you will be responsible for all costs.
2. While in Tibet, you must strictly abide by the regulations of the Tibet Tourism Bureau: you cannot go to places or sites which are not written in the Tibet permit. Otherwise, it is illegal and you will be fully responsible for any illegal activity
Tour Guide
We arrange a local Tibetan English speaking guide for the whole group. But if you cannot understand it, or wish to choose a guide suitable for your language, your personal guide's fee is your responsibility.