What you must have with you for the tour to TIbet

Like the trip to any other countries, it is the same that you must have the valid passport, China visa, and furthermore you must also have a Tibet (entry) permit for the trip to Tibet.
Get China Visa Before travel to Tibet
Tibet is part of China which is the fact, so you must firstly get the China Visa if you want to travel there. However, there is some tricks for you to apply for China visa besides the common way if your travel destination is Tibet.
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Go To China Embassy Closest To You
You can only get a China Visa via China embassy or consulate. Click here to find the nearest one.
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Tibet Travel Permit Is Another Document After China Visa
Tibet permits are also needed apart from China visa.
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Dot not forget something to physically protect yourself
a. no matter what reason it is, try to bring more clothes with you than ever and ask the guide about the
    weather .
b. bring the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong sunlight and snow shining .
c. take a hat with a tie while going to Mt. Everest Base Camp to protect your skin from the strong sun rays .