What tours can you join in groups to Mt. Everest?

 It is easy for one to travel to New York or Paris but it is not to do so with Tibet because of its remoteness, and sickness due to high altitude. However, Tibet remains as a mythic place as Shangri-la people imagined. And due to that it becomes a dreamed place from people to go for a visit. Thus, TibetTravelDotCom turns up under this circumstance.
Among all the online travel services, TibetTravelDotCom takes advantages and makes full use of its unique characteristics. It is located based on Lhasa city of Tibet, with the leading position of its company’s having operated more than 80 thousuands of tourists together with other departments‘ efforts combined. Its main business portion is focused on Tibet Group Tours besides Private Tours To Tibet.
Idea of focusing on Group Tours To Tibet was yet derived from the tourists’ feelings which are that Tibet is very expensive. Yes, Tibet is very expensive because it is remotely located and it is still Not easy for goods to be delivered in to Tibet, even after Tibet Train started. We have often been asked this kind of questions that “are there any way you can find to help reduce the cost while remaining the same quality of the service?” The reply is positive. Yes, We can do now. We can help tourists to save money!
Saving money is one aspect, but what’s more important is that we can save their time or help them to see more within the limited time. We always bury in mind that we confidently can find a way for tourists to feel outstanding in the tour programs from other tourists traveled with other company. And we can also find a method to find a road to the places they have been dreaming of, among which Mt. Everest is the Key place that they mostly want to visit.

Also tourists often asked the following questions:

1. Can I join in a tour to mostly save money?
2. Can I visit Mt. Everest within a short time, ie. 4 days?
3. Can you have any tour programs which are mixture with a few thins, not one monastery after another?
4. Can I have my own private tour but to reduce the cost I only want join in only part of group tour to Mt. Everest?
5. Can I have my own room booked in the group tours?

 yes, yes, yes, YOU can

View something about our group tour arrangements within different stay in Tibet:

We will launch the Everest group tour on Every Two Days, however you can join in a group every day!