Get to know Tibet within 3 minutes

Must do

TIBET, known as the Roof of The World, is a dream destination thanks to its exotic culture, scenic highland landscapes and friendly people.

Take time to admire its rich natural attractions such as Mount Everest and the beautiful crystal blue Namtso and Yamrotso Lakes and soak in the rich culture of the Tibetans.
In just 10 days, you can cover almost all the must-visit attractions including the imposing Holy Potala Palace, Tibet’s symbol.

Explore the Bakhor Square and Jonkhang Temple, the destination for millions of pilgrims. And of course, don’t miss shopping at Barkhor Street, the oldest street in Lhasa, the pulse of Tibet and where life has changed very little over the centuries.


HIGH altitude sickness affects most travellers to Tibet. The best way to fight it is to know your limit. Avoid going higher on the mountainous terrain. Don’t over-strain yourself. Take things easy.

It’s advisable not to shower on the first two days upon arrival to avoid catching a cold due to the thin air. Alcohol and smoking are best avoided.

Never take pictures of the soldiers or risk having your camera taken away.

Photography of the military is against the law here. Avoid public political talks too.

Good Eats

MOMO (similar to the Chinese dumplings) is a local favourite. Try the fried yak meat momo which is easily available in many restaurants.

A trip to Tibet will not be complete without enjoying the tender juicy sizzling yak beefsteak. Highly recommended is the Tibetan Steak House which has many branches.

There are no fast food chains here like Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonald’s.

Chinese, European or even Muslim fares are, however, easily available.

Top Shop

THE numerous market stalls in Lhasa City at Bakhor Square offer fake branded clothes, jewellery, prayer wheels, Buddhist statues and more. Bargaining is a way of life at the market stalls. Haggle at least 60 per cent off the offer price, and if you are not happy with the offer price, just walk away with a smile.

Insider Tips

DUE to the thin air and high altitude, Tibet is recommended only to those reasonably fit with no heart problems. Otherwise, one can easily succumb to the high altitude sickness. The super high UV here requires a pair of good Ray Bans, a wide-brimmed hat and sun block. Drink at least three litres of water a day to keep from being dehydrated. Eating chocolate, cheese and cucumber will help supply more oxygen into your lungs. Also, don’t forget to take things easy.