How To Make A Right Choice From Lots Of Tibet Tour Operators

Tibet Travel Dot Com (hereinafter we call it TT) is online tour guidance for tourists to adjudge which travel agency is good, which is better. This is one of TT’s missions, the other missions are that we will make the Tibet tours not so expensive any more, supply with tourists more enough Tibet tour information, and try every of our efforts to make Tibet travel not so difficult any more.

Travel agencies of doing Tibet travel business can be classified into a few kinds in terms of their locations, type of business, subsistent company or agent intermediaries, comprehensively operated business or exclusive sales, registered company or virtual online consulting, agent wholesalers or vendors, and etc.

To make things simple, TT will give you a hand in the ways of choose your Tibet tour operator to meet variety of your demands:

1. If you do not mind your tour budget or you just want with ease to have the whole tour arrangements by the travel agency, please go to the wholesalers or agent intermediaries for the tour programs. You know to go to Tibet, no matter in what way, you will have to go there via China or the other country like Nepal. And you will take flights, hotels in the on-way cities before Tibet in to considerations. Besides you will think over about a few items of Tibet local tour elements such as hotels, tour guide, flights or trains or overland driving to get to Tibet, Tibet permit and other kinds of permits, and so on. And thirdly the arrangements of getting back to happy home are to be considered as well. The advantage of this kind of tour is that you just have the full package tour fee, and you can relax and could be free from the arrangements or some troubles in them. However the tour fee is a little more expensive since the wholesaler in the other cities rather than Tibet would have profits on the quotation from Tibet local travel agency which also must have profits to make a living.

But if you choose Tibet local travel agency which also has a few itineraries extended to the cities or the country out of Tibet, your tour fee can be reduced much more, since Tibet local tour operator usually focuses on the main part of Tibet and could mark up the tour fee by adding only a little such as telephone fee on the top of the whole trip fee. This kind of Tibet tour operator like (a few itineraries with Tibet tour and plus the other please are online for sale) has the company in Lhasa, with their office addresses, local bank account, local telephone with the local number of “0891”not the one beginning with “400”, and also the travel agency’s license issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Those elements are the simple ways to distinguish from the other wholesalers in the other cities or country. And this kind of online travel service usually is the local vendor who arranges you the tour guide, where to stay, what to eat, and what to see, etc.

2. However, if you want to save more money and want to see something interested in you, you can contact the local company (usually has the online service) and you can just tell the company what you are interested in and after that you will be answered with a tailor made tour programs, like the online service This kind of company offers private tours for you, rather than join-in group tour. In the private tours tourists can have more freedom or can control the tour time at their own demands.

3. The cheapest trip to Tibet is that you can join in the fixed departure tour programs if you do not mind whether the tour is within your control or not in terms of tour starting time. A few online travel service like Tibet Travel Dot Com ( web site is )  some are from Nepal, some are from China, could have a few itineraries which can fit the no-special-interest tourists, and their fixed departure tour programs are also the hot or popular ones, selected from those which the majority of tourists are interested in.

4. All in all, there is no free lunch! If you want to travel with ease you have to pay more, if you want a cheap tour, you have to care about more like searching for the local vendor, and pay more attention. There is for sure no travel agency which can give you both cheap price valued your money and keep high quality of the service as well. If there IS, then you must be very much careful of the traps or snare. There are a few phenomena that TT should remind you, please go through the following

1)  Some online service: they declare that they are local, but actually they are NOT according to TT’s knowledge. They simply launch a website which some times are good in the content and looking but they are actually the travel consultants at last if tourists could persist in finding what they really are. You know internet makes people find the information easier than before but it also give the cheat a bed to turn up. Such kind of online service are at most a thousands of dollars-registered consulting company or simply no registered home workers, but they can find some tour guides or some informally-operated department of a tour company which can help get Tibet permit and handle the arrangements in Tibet. If things go well, you are lucky that they give you the cheap price and the good quality of the ground service. But in some of difficult situations like tight Potala Palace visiting permit, tight train tickets to get, or safety of your payment, they will find some excuses for the failure. Everybody knows that a local tour company should at least have in one of the local banks such as Bank of China Tibet or Lhasa Branch the company bank account. And what’s more, the most important thing for them to show you is that they can NOT show you their tour business license. In such circumstance you will be checked out and be in the trouble if you travel with them at the same time they will also be punished.

2)  The difference of a wholesaler and a local vendor is the price and the service quality matching the price. Some wholesalers are very good in terms of their service quality and their price. But with the same price the local vendor can give you a better service quality much valued your money, unless the local vendor wants to get more profits.

Whether to find a correct tour company depends on your time and energy. How to find a reasonable company will look to the correct information. In any case a lifetime dreaming tour is like a choice from a pile of massive stone or rocks. You may get diamond from the rocks if you are lucky!


      Wish you a good luck and along with it a pleasant and unforgettable trip to Tibet!