Gyirong port open to foreigners in this June of 2016-New Entrance to Nepal

Gyirong port(Jilong port), known as the largest trading port in the border of Tibet and Nepal, has managed to operate again after reconstruct the damage from earthquake from this June of 2016. Before that Chinese goverment only open the border to Chinese people .Amount of travelers passing through Gyirong port (Jilong port) is constantly growing. Following along with the arrival of travel season, tourists who accessed the border went over 7,000 so far this year.After reopen the port to international part ,the qty is expecting to increase lagely .

According to the large demands, Chinese government responded to plan by extending Gyirong Port (Jilong port) to international port for tourists from any countries rather than Nepal only. Cooperating with this policy, TibetTrain Rail will reach Gyirong port(Jilong) border for the concerning of convenience and development of local area. With enforcing this policy on June, more and more merchants and tourists are welcomed to the roof of China.