Acknowledgements regards to the unfair competition currently online

As the parent company of, Access Tibet Tour & Service Co. Ltd was founded in 1991. After 20 years in operating tours in Tibet, Access Tibet Tour has already been one of the best tour operator in Tibet, co-operated with many renowned international tour agencies and became their designated domestic tour operator, namely OAT(Overseas Adventure Travel), Uniworld, Viking Tour, China Odyssey Tours, China Plus, RITZ tours and Collette. However, just as the tree that outgrows its peers will suffer more easily from the wind, we recently receive several reports from our clients that by using certain device, a few of our competitors spread negative and untruthful articles and threads against us in the internet, with the basic intention of demeaning our service and our business with this naïve yet utmost unfair behavior. Currently we already file an official report to the related police departments in China, we will grant our interests by pursue related parties with the law, and for those outlaws, we sincerely hope they could get the right judgments from the bench. 


Hereby, we also want to say that the development of a company is based on honest and quality, not by cheating and sabotaging your competitors. At the same time, we suggest all the people that interested in travelling within Tibet should choose the agencies that registered and recorded in Tibet industrial and commercial bureau and Tibet travel Bureau, to avoid the possibility of physical loss.


As a responsible and reputable corporation, we care about our clients, and their travel experience, we understand that in this E-world, your comments, your trust, your happiness is the best advertisement campaign we could gain. At the very beginning, our company has already set up a systematic and comprehensive clients-interest-protection regulations. If you travel with us, whenever, and wherever, if you have any dissatisfaction, you could contact us and get the problem fixed 24/7. For more details, please kindly check:

November 29, 2011