Hi, Lydia  
I hope you're well!
I completed a long form with Pasang at the end of the trip, but I will also answer your questions quickly here. 
1.  You were excellent in terms of getting back to me on time and helping me with everything - EXCELLENT!
2.  The tour was fine - our guide Pasang was absolutely fantastic, the best guide I have ever had and so knowledgeable, warm, friendly, and helpful.
3.  I would definitely recommend your service.
4.  Great!!!
5.  No suggestions
6.  Yes
7.  Yes if a journalist, but I wouldn't want a lot of people contacting me, as it could get to be too much.

Hi Violet,
I hope all is well with you.  I just want to let you know that David and I had a wonderful time in Tibet with our guide Yula and the driver Mr. Li.  Everything went smoothly; we really enjoyed the itinerary you have prepared for us; our hotel at Cool Yak was just wonderful.  We learned so much about Tibetan culture and the historical sites, thanks to Yula's thorough explainations.  I couldn't have been happier.
Here are some pictures we took with Yula, I hope you can give them to him and thank him for a wonderful experience.
Lucy & David

Dear Violet,
Thank you for all your help organising our trip to Tibet.
We had a fantastic time, and thought that Dondrup was a superb guide – very knowledgeable and friendly, while Dawa was a great driver and always very helpful.
Thank you again – we will be recommending you to our friends.
Kind regards,
Tom Gregory-Smith
Hi Violet 
So sorry we didn't have a chance to meet. I will be back in China soon and we will connect next time. I think you did an amazing job of organizing my trip. I have no complaints. Some of the guides were good and some were great. When you changed the guide in Guilin, the new replacement was excellent. The original guide was a nice person but had difficulty with English. I only wish the Tibet trip wasn't so rushed. Next time I want to spend more time enjoying each place. The Tibet office is not as organized as the Chengdu office. I had to wait four hours at the airport unti
l other people in the group arrived. An efficient office would have sent out another car to pick up the late arrivals. I wasn't upset because I just look at it as part of the adventure. 
Overall I loved all of China and plan to return as soon as possible.
Thanks again for all your help and stay in touch.

Talk soon

Hi Lydia,
Just letting you know we had a great trip in Tibet and in the rest of China.
Tibet is an amazing place,  and everything when well.   (except the hotel in Gyantse - The toilet seat was broken and they had taped it up with sticky tape - they eventually changed our room - but then there was no pillow cases on the pillows.)   The Tour Guide and driver were great.
Thank you very much for organising this trip for us.
Ron and Janet Mundy


HI Violet,
Thank you very much for your help with our trip. We were happy with almost everything!
The guide and drivers were friendly and informative but not that chatty. We had to ask a lot of questions along the way. However, they took good care of us and we felt safe with them.
Everything in Lhasa was nice and the visits that were organized were interesting and well done.
The itinery was good all the way to lake Namtso. The ride is really beautiful and the lake is magnificent. Sleeping in tents at that time of the year was not possible so we slept in the guest house. This was probably better for us anyway. 
After Lake Namtso, the VERY long ride on a dirt road to Reting was beautiful and interesting but Reting was a big disappointment and not worth going all this way for. It is not a well kept monastery and the people there were not friendly. There was no cook there on our arrival at 2PM and they did not know when the cook would return. The guest house were damp, dirty and not inviting at all. So we decided not to stay there and left after the visit. We ended up sleeping in a town called Landrung (I think) but there was not much there to see or do, although our guide was good enough to organize the visit of a small monastery and a nice village. 
As you already know, flights in and out of Lhasa seem to be often late so my flight choice was not a good one and I had to change my plan last minute. I am glad that I did because I would have missed my flight to Hong Kong for sure on the Saturday.
We had a beautiful trip and would recommend it to others with some changes after Namtso lake.
I attach a few photos for you,
Marie Marchand

Dear Lydia:
Thank you for arranging a very wonderful visit to Lhasa and Tibet. In the short time of our visit my wife Dianne and I were able to capture the history, beauty and religious culture of Tibet. 
The superb guidance provided by Chamba and the driving skill of Tashi were outstanding.   Both went out of their way to help us during our visit even helping me recover my lost camera on the day of our departure. Chamba is an excellent and knowledgeable guide. Based our observations of other guides in Tibet and even other countries, your team in Lhasa is the best by far,  
Also, the authentic Yabshi Phunkkang Heritage Hotel was a genuine experience that delighted both of us.  The staff were great and very accommodating. 
Attached is a photo of us on the rooftop of Jokhang Temple. Overall, we left Tibet with a wonderful feeling about the entire trip and would recommend your agency to others.  
Best regards,
Edward and Dianne Proctor
Dear Violet:
I want to thank you once again for all your help in arranging my trip to Lhasa last month. The trip went really, really well! My guide during the visit, Mr. Chamba Ngudrup, was outstanding - well-informed, friendly, and most helpful in every way. The next time you speak with his travel agency in Tibet, please tell them that he is one of the best guides I have ever worked with. I hope all is going well in Chengdu, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. All the best from Thomas Hanson