- Testimonials
Hi Lydia,
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this, we have been pretty busy since we came back... Lots of school work.
Tibet was incredible, and we were all very happy to have gone there. Pemba was a fantastic guide, and he was extremely knowledgeable on the places he took us, as well as the overall culture of Tibet. It was a fantastic experience, and if I know of anyone who will be traveling to Tibet in the future, I will be sure to recommend your company to them.
The services you provided us were great. The way you pulled the itinerary and paperwork together very last moment, and dealt with our lack of regular phone service was fantastic. It seems you really went above and beyond what was expected to meet us in the Chengdu airport with the travel permit. The travel advice sent out beforehand was great, and everything went very smoothly while we were there. The breakfasts and lunches were all served at good restaurants, and the food in Tibet overall is a lot more gentle on the stomach, or so it seems than it is in Shanghai. The hotels were good, and the Cool Yak was in a particularly great location.
If you have any questions, please do let me know.
Thanks again!
*:Lydia is one of our trip advisors.
- Testimonials
Dear Katherine,
meanwhile the Lenzen family arrived again in Switzerland after a very pleasant and interesting trip to China and Tibet. Thanks again for all your well done planning, it all worked out to our satisfaction. Hope you enjoy the little book about Switzerland.
Best regards,
*:Katherine is one of our trip advisors.