- Testimonials

I had a very positive experience with your service. We were taken care of well and all of our needs were met. I would also like to say that we loved our tour guide Lhak and our driver (I never did get his name.) Lhak was very informative and kind, and we had a great time getting to know him. On the second day of our tour he took us to spend the day with his family and that was such an honor and one of our cherised memories from the trip. Please let Lhak know how much we enjoyed him as our guide.
And the advisor Rickey was very helpful and friendly. He answered all of my questions in a timely fashion (even with the date difference) and I always felt that my needs were being taken care of. I truly appreciated all of the help that Rickey provided to us beforehand to ensure that we would have a great tour.
The arrangements were wonderful. We got to see everything that we wanted in the short time that we had in Lhasa. I would definitely recommend Access Tibet Tours, and Rickey in particular to any friends or family. I would also recommend Lhak as the local guide. I would be happy to email you some of our photos as soon as I get the time to get them downloaded and sorted through. It may be a couple of weeks as I am very busy getting back to work after such a long vacation.
Rachael Gelbman
Dear Kitty,
I would like to thank you very much for your help and cooperation by the organization of our tour and during the tour itself. We all did have a very very nice time in Tibet; it was by far the best part of our China-trip.
First complements about the guide and also the driver, they both did a marvelous job, the city's, the monastery's, the temple's and the Palace were all impressive and unforgettable.
Last but not least, the Tibetan people we met, so friendly, so real, so kind, so proud and so religious, it was a wonderful experience.
Again, thanks for everything.
Gerrit Oudhuis
Tilly oudhuis
Sjef Versteeg
Ingrid Versteeg
*:Kitty is one of our trip advisors.