- Testimonials

Dear Daniel,
We are back from Tibet and would like to say thank you for your good job you did very well with the organisation. Everything went well (we changed only one hotel in Gyangtse and the family visit didn’t come up).
The guide and the driver were excellent. Again thank you. We will recommend you to our friends. our stay and the round-travel in this beautiful and amazing region was great. Have a nice weekend – chun tian laile
Yours sincerely Angelika Anders-Lauck
*:Daniel is one of our trip advisors
- Testimonials
Hi Christina and also Daniel,
Sorry to be so late in letting you know how our trip went.
The guides you arranged for us (Lob Sang-Tibet and Fan Ru Jun-Suzhou) were excellent!
Lob Sang took such good care of us and we learned so much about Tibet and it's history. The only thing we did wrong -and it was our fault- was not stay overnight at EBC. Lob Sang suggested we leave the morning after we arrived in Tingri since it was clear and then he asked if we wanted to pack up or come back. I opted to come back since I was worried about the altitude change staying over at base camp.
Well, by the time we got to EBC the clouds had moved in and we just got glimpses of parts of Everest. If we had stayed over we would have had the evening and next morning to try for clear skies. We had no problems with altitude and could have stayed easily.
Lob Sang's English is excellent and his explanations were very clear. We really got a feel for the workings of the monasteries and the deities.
The itinerary you arranged for us was perfect! We got to see so many sights: lakes, valleys, monasteries and temples and they were all so picturesque. Also the weather was great - no rain - just the clouds at EBC to detract from perfection.
Fan Ru Jun was also an excellent guide and very patient in fulfilling our requests. She showed us so much in Suzhou. We had time to work in an extra garden and the boat ride was a bonus we had not expected. The only thing I would recommend is that you make the lunch stop in Suzhou a local option. I know the silk factory is an important stop but the food there is really not that good and definitely leans toward what they think tourists want. We would have been much happier in a local restaurant that serves the local Suzhou food. We did not have an option, and I understand, as it was included as part of the tour but as Fan Ru Jun described the local food, I was sorry we had no opportunity to try it.
I just wanted to let you know that everything went so smoothly, guides and drivers appeared as anticipated and were exceptional. We are very happy with you and your company. I almost wished that we could have booked our whole trip with you, including the Tibet train ride and the eclipse, but we had already signed up for the eclipse trip before I started planning the Tibet portion and could not get out of the commitment. Do you know if the people who you sent to view the eclipse in the mountains had good visibility? We were in Wuhan and it was quite cloudy. We saw a little bit of totality but not what we hoped for.
By the way, I loved the food in Chengdu. Once we got the restaurants to realize we liked spicy food they served us dishes more to the local tastes and it was excellent! We have good Chinese restaurants here but not Sichuan as we had it in Chengdu. I am going to have to hunt down a truly Sichuan style place.
Thanks again for all your fine work. It is greatly appreciated.
*:Christina and Daniel are our trip advisors