Customer name(s): Nicolas Henri Calame 
Nationality: Switzerland
Travel date: 13 Oct, 2010
Itinerary: Small Group Expedition for Mt. Everest (6 nights/7 days) + Mountain Biking tour

Hi Violet!
 I'm back in Switzerland now, after a wonderful, but difficult trip in China. For us, "western people", it is very difficult to travel in China because of the language. Specially if you are alone, like me, because you can not share your feelings or learn more about the country with the chinese people. Anyway, it was wonderful! After Lhasa, I went to Xining, to the birth place of the Dalai-Lama (where I was put off the site without seeing anything, because I took a picture of the house from outside! Not very cool...), Lanzhou (hard because a lot of chinese was looking and laughing at me, just because I'm a tourist...) Xi'an (very nice, and the terra-cota warriors army is amazing!!), Pingyao (wonderful!!!) and finally Beijing. In Beijing, it appears that I was very lucky to arrive during the chinese holidays, because at least, even with a lot, a very big lot of people, I could go to the Tian'anmen Square at night, which is not possible during the rest of the year...
And now, back home... I will start a new job on Monday. After 15 months ont the roads of the world!! It will be hard...
About Tibet, it was a wonderful and unforgettable trip. But I was really desappointed not to see the Everest... Anyway, when you are travelling, there is one thing that you can absolutely not choose: the weather. So I have to come back!! But the rest was nice, really nice. Specially when we are crossing the real tibetan villages. And all these beautiful roads, with these amazing sceneries...
Our guide, Dharjey, was really nice, and really helpful. It was a pleasure to meet him, and to discover Tibet thanks to him.
The trip was too short for me. I have to say that 2 days (600km) to go to Everest Base Camp are really short, as we spend most of the time in the car. I would have prefered doing it in 3 days, and have more stops, like meet a tibetan family, see the Stupa in Gyantse, have some walks in these so wonderful sceneries.
As you can see, my program is already done for the next time!!!
And about the biking day, it was nice to see the countryside outside of Lhasa. But if I had to do it again, I won't choose this option. Finally, even if I had a great day, I should have prefered to go to see the Ganden Monastery. And I have to say that the experience of biking was not that good. Why? Because I was expecting something else. My guide, Tsering, could not bike at all... As soon the road was going up, he had to push his bike... So it took us a very long time. We couldn't reach the Drakyupa mnastery. And we had just bread for lunch!! I was expecting eating with a family, a real tibetan meal. But just bread, with tea... I think that this trip is really, really, really expensive for what it offers. I will not recommend it. But anyway, Tsering was really nice, and I had a great time with him.
 My trip from Lhasa to Xining was amazing too. These are ones of the most impressive sceneries I have seen in the world. And I was lucky this day, because there was no clouds!!
 So definitely, my tibetan experience was really nice. The tibetan people, the smells of encense, the yack-butter tea, the momo's, the houses, the Kora in Barkhor, the Potala, the sceneries, ... So many wonderful souvenirs!
I will come back, for sure!!
 I will send you some pictures, as soon I have choosen the best ones!!
 Thank you again for everything! The organisation was perfect...
I hope to be back soon in this wonderful land!!
 Best wishes!

Customer name(s): EVGENY VASILYUK 
Nationality: Russia
Travel date: 8 Dec,2010
Itinerary: Lhasa/Gyantse/Shigatse

Dear Violet! Thank you for your greetings, please accept the same from my side, and Happy New Year!
As for my trip: “I think I receive all what I wish! Your agency team works pretty well. Guide  Lobsan and driver Sanje (not sure in spelling name) were polite, friendly and well bread. Organization of the trip was perfect! It was my first trip when I have no doubt that something is delay or place we are going to accommodate not ready for us”.
I add some photos as you ask me. I have some photo for Lobsan & Sanje how I can send them? 
It is interesting for me to receive from you new rout which include Kailas cora and Everest base camp. Not add more than 3 monastery and may be 1 full day in Lhasa. Both way by plain. And 10 days in total. Approximately in August-September for two persons. I’m not sure that I decided to choose it but I interesting in the price. To be true now I’m planning to visit Argentina but…..  
If you have any special questions please ask.

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Hello Kitty,
sorry to have taken so long to contact you, since our holiday to Tibet, but we have been busy resuming our travel across China.
My wife and I would like to thank you for organising the Tibet trip for us, it was wonderful. It was a varied and interesting itinerary, full of stunning scenery. Our guide was very informative and helpful at all times.
We will and have recommended your company to other travellers that we have met.
Thank you once again, Graeme and Christine Triffitt
p advisors

Photo:Our customer and guide

Hi Kitty!
We would like to thank you for the great time we had in Tibet!
Everything was great, and we loved Lhasa and all the tour to Everest Base Camp the people, the monasteries, the landscape, everything is beautiful there!
We would like to thank Tsirim, our guide! He was a great guide and very sweet!
Thanks a lot!
Paloma, Luciana, Alessandra e Marcelo BRASIL!!
*:Kitty is one of our trip advisors


Photo:Our customers

Hi Bruce,
Its easy to discribe Tibet in one word, but it deserves much more.
Tibet is breathtaking. Scenery changes every second. Our fingers were soar of pressing the window-down button.
The moment that the potala palace appeared after we got picked up from the airport, well, let me say it this way: never knew that my neck was so flexible. Another highlight is (of course) the Mount Everest. It's hard realizing that we were really looking at the highest peak of the world.
People were friendly and polite and most of them extremely helpful, including our guide Tara.
We went back to Shanghai by train and even though we were a bit afraid of the duration (2 full days non-stop), it was an unforgettable ride.
There is no place on earth like Tibet. This trip was worth every single penny and a good tip for next travellers: Don't forget the extra memorycard for your (digital) camera.
I finished 2 2GB memory cards in less than 2 weeks.
Bruce, Thanks alot for all the effort it took. Customizing our tour, answering our 1000 questions, your promptness, your accuracy and your patience.
I will never, ever forget Tibet.
Kind regards,
Lars van der Waarden, Netherlands
Daniela Fernandez Gomora, Mexico
*:Bruce is one of our trip advisors

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Hi Michael Pan!

I am very grateful for the wonderful experience I had in Tibet with your travel agency's support. Please add this to your website: Hello Ceazer,
Thank you very much for your service and support to make my visit to Tibet excellent! I am very grateful for Tsering Ihakyi, my tour guide. She was extremely knowledgeable, personable, joyful and fun. Tsering's Tibetan and Buddhism history and information was superb! Her company made my spiritual journey a great gift.
I am looking forward to visiting Tibet again.
Mel Murgia