Trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp(11days)

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If you love adventures, you will have a wonderful experience trekking from Old Tingri to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Besides trekking to feel nature in Tibet, you may also like have a wonder in the monasteries to know about Tibetans.
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Detailed itinerary:
Day 1:
Take flight into Tibet. Upon your arrival, local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can enjoy the heart-beating highland view along the Yarlong Tsangpo river (the longest river in Tibet). The rest time is free for relax and more oxygen.
Day 2:

The first day of sightseeing starts from Lhasa's cardinal landmark- Potala Palace, a structure of massive portions. Its towering image already appearing on various occasions, but your first sight of the Potala will still be an awe-inspiring moment. It takes at least a good 2-hour to visit those rooms, halls and chapels.

In the afternoon, we will drop a visit of the Jokhang Temple, the spiritual center of Tibet. Everyday, pilgrims from every corner of Tibet trek a long distance to the temple. The temple is the product of Han, Tibetan and Nepalese architectural techniques. Then we will visit Barkhor, the oldest street in a very traditional city in Tibet.

Potala Palace

Day 3:

About 8km west of central Lhasa is the Drepung Monastery, once the world's largest monastery with about 10,000 monks. This day's sightseeing begins with these white monastic buildings piled up on the hillside. Walking up to the hill is a pleasant thing, an easy break from the solemn ambience inside the halls and chapels. At the plat roof of hillside, you can have very good views of the whole Lhasa city and the distant mountains.
Drepung is one of Lhasa's two great Gelugpa monasteries, the other is Sera. Around 5km north of central Lhasa, Sera may not be as grandiose as Drepung, but is more serene surrounded by many small temples. The 'Buddhism Scriptures Debating' in Sera is very famous.

Day 4:Lhasa/Gyantse/Shigatse
Drive to Gyantse, the famous historical city in Tibet, along the Kyichu River. On the Ganba La (4,796 m) have a fantastic view of the holy lake of Yamdrok Yumtso (4441 m). Upon arrival, have a tour to Gyantse Dzong, then the Pelkor Monastery and Kumbum Stupa. Then continue to drive to get to Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet.

Pelkor Monastery
Day 5: Shigatse/Old Tingri

In the morning drive to Old Tingri (4.350 m; approx. 300 km) over Tso-La (4500m) and Gyatso-La (5252m). On the way, if the time is permitting, make an excursion to visit the Sakya Monastery (4.280 m). Sakya, the master monastery of the Striped Sect, is well famed with its long history, large-scale construction complex and great influence in Tibet history. Its North Monastery was built in 1073 and named Sakya (meaning “gray” in Tibetan) as it was situated on a gray mountain. What we see today is the Sakya South Monastery built in 1269 by Phagpa. The outside walls of the monastery were painted with red, white and gray, symbolizing Avalokitesvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani. In the afternoon arrive in Old Tingri, meet trek guide and crew. Camping

Day 6: Trekking Old Tingri—Lungchang

O/N: Camp only [B+L+D]

Start trek along Ra Chhu stream to beyond Chholling and Lungchang villages (4350 m).

Day 7: Trekking Lungchang—Drokpa

O/N: Camp only [B+L+D]

Continue trek to Drokpa (4860 m) encampment below Lamna La.

Day 8: Trekking Drokpa—Draka Chu

O/N: Camp only [B+L+D]

Cross over Lamna La (5075 m) to Draka Chu River (4730 m).

Day 9: Trekking Draka Chu—Rongbuk

O/N: Camp only [B+L+D]

Trek up Drakaa Chhu River to Rongbuk Monastery (5030 m). With an altitude of 5,030 meters it is the highest temple in the world. It was said the Rongbuk Monastery had been built as early as the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama. Mount Everest, which stands 8,848 meters (29,021 ft) above sea level, is often referred to as 'the third pole on earth'. Being the world's highest peak, its legendary status holds a fascination to many trekkers and mountaineers.

Mt. Everest

Day 10: Rongbuk/Zhangmu

Drive 6 hours covering 260km to get to Zhangmu, the border town between Nepal and China. You have a view of Mt. Everest at the foot before and now you could look at it in distance.


Day 11: Zhangmu/Kathmandu

Go through the formalities of China Customs and over to the other side of Friendship Bridge. There are 120 km paved road but the speed is not fast since it is always zigzag road. It will take another 5 hours to get to the destination. If you need, we could arrange our partner in Nepal side to pick you up at the border and transfer you to the hostel, tour services end.

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