Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, and world famous Tibet train to Lhasa (14-16 days)

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This tour is from Imperial Beijing, to typical ancient China town Pingyao, to old China capital Xian, and finally take famous Tibet train to Lhasa. You can experience different culture and landscapes of China. You will climb the Great Wall as well as Potala Palace; you will visit unique Chinese Hutong and Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses; you will appreciate Magnificent scenery of Mt.Everest as well. This must be an unforgettable trip and you will enjoy it.
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Trip Available:
All year around
Detailed itinerary:
Day 1:

Arrival in Beijing and rest due to the long journey flight

Day 2:

The Great Wall, and China unique Hutong tour

The Great Wall

Beijing Hutong

Day 3:

Temple of Heaven where you can see or probably join the Chinese Taichi practice, and other local people’s morning exercises like Kunfu, etc. later go to The Forbidden City, Tiananmen square. Night train to Pingyao K609(23:58-09:39)

The Forbidden City

Temple of Heaven

Tiananmen square

Day 4:

Arrive in Pingyao, electric car will take you to the city and check in at the hotel. Have shower and late breakfast. Then go to visit this ancient and typical China town.


Day 5:

Continue visiting the town. And then immerse yourself in this town by free time. At 21:46 take the night train to Xian, which will be 8 hours and 30 minutes

Day 6:

Arrive in Xian at 6:56. The train number is 1095. Upon checking in at the hotel, have breakfast, and shower too. Then visit Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses for a whole day.

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Day 7:

Visit Shaanxi provincial museum, The city Wall, and Stele Forest where you will know much about Chinese calligraphy. Free at the night markets

Shaanxi provincial museum

Stele Forest

The city Wall of Xian

Day 8:

Take the Tibet train to Lhasa. The views on the road. Night sleepers on the train.

Day 9:

Again on the train but today is the beautiful Tibet plateau. And after 32 hours, and in the afternoon you will get to Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

Day 10:

The tour to Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barchor Bazaar.

Potala Palace

Jokhang Temple

Barchor Bazaar

Day 11:

Tibet Museum, Tibetan family visit, and free time (optional choice to Sera Monastery where you can see the exciting debating by monks.

Tibet Museum

Sera Monastery

Day 12:

Lhasa to Shigatse by bus or by train in the year of 2014 in May. Upon getting there, go to visit Panchen Lamas’ Seat Tashilunmpu Monastery. And then check in at the hotel.

Tashilunmpu Monastery

Day 13:

In the morning, drive towards Mt. Everest and stay around Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest

Day 14:

Give a last glimpse of the Mt. Everest after visit Everest Base Camp, then drive towards Gyantse which is the famous town by the war against British army.
Or if you do not have more time, stop in Shigatse for the next day’s flight out of Tibet in to Chengdu

Day 15:

Drive towards Lhasa and on the way you will see one of the four beautiful and holy lakes Yamdrok Lake and Karala glacier.

Yamdrok Lake

Karala glacier

Day 16:

Take the morning flight out of Tibet and go towards your destination.

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