Visit Tibetan Culture Cradle & Center of Tibet (5 Days)

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This 5-day tour will take you to know Tibetan culture, people and land. Besides the most popular city Lhasa, we will bring you to Tsethang,the capital of the Shannan Prefecture where you can visit Yamye Monastery, Yumbulakang Palace, TrundrukMonnastery. And you can also learn how to make joss stick and Tibetan porcelain, or Thangka, or you could learn how Tibetans turn yak dung into a good fuel or how they gather in the harvest. In this way, you can be a Tibetan for one day. Through this tour, you will get an unforgettable and pleasant journey in Tibet.
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Day 1:

Arrive at Gonggar airport, drive to Tsedang, and first impression of the cradle of Tibetan culture.

Lhasa River

Day 2: Tsedang Sightseeing and back to Lhasa in the late afternoon

Highlights: Samye Monastery, Yumbulakang Palace, Trundruk Monastery.
- Samye Monastery:the Samye Monastery is at the foot of Mt. Haibusi, on the north bank of the Yaluzangbu River in Jialang county. Being the 1st monastery, belongs to the Nyingmapa and Sakyapa Sects., was built in 761.Yumbulakang Palace:Yungbulakang is the palace for the 1 st Tube King Niechi in the Yalong River Valley. It is also called "the Mosher and Song Holy Hall". Yungbulakang, built in the second century B.C.,is standing on the top of a hill on the east bank of the Yalong River in the southeast of Naidong county.

Yumbulakang Palace

Day 3: Be a Tibetan for one day

Highlights: Stay with Tibetan family, become a Tibetan for one day.
Schedule: Today, you could learn how to make Tibetan joss stick, or Tibetan porcelain, or Thangka, etc. Or you could learn how Tibetans turn the yak dung into a good fuel, or how they gather in the harvest. You could join into them if you want. Different season, different activities.

Day 4: Lhasa highlights tour
Highlights: Potala Palace, Jorkhang Temple, Barkor Bazaar
Schedule: Visit Potala, which was constructed in 637 by Songtsen Gampo, the first king of the united Tibet and later reconstructed and served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas. And also visit the center of Tibetan Budhhism which was built in 7th century on the pond of “Wotang”, & famous Bachor Bazaar which you can buy somethimg as souvenir for you or your friends or your family.

Potala Palace
Day 5:

In the morning, our driver and guide will come to hotel to pick you up to the train station or airport.

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