Red River Valley (1997 film)

Red River Valley

Directed by              Feng Xiaoning 
Produced by           Shanghai Film Studio 
Written by                Feng Xiaoning 
Starring                   Paul Kersey ,Ning Jing 
Music by                 Jin Fuzai 
Release date(s)    1997 
Running time         115 min. 
Country                  China 
Language              Mandarin / English 
Red River Valley (Chinese: 红河谷; pinyin: Hóng hégú) is a 1997 film about the British incursion into Tibet, starring Paul Kersey and Ning Jing. It was also released under the title The Tale of the Sacred Mountain.
Though popular in China (where it won numerous prizes at China's three main award ceremonies: Huabiao, Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers), Red River Valley was little seen outside of the mainland.