Music and Movie

Red River Valley (Chinese: 红河谷; pinyin: Hóng hégú) is a 1997 film about the British incursion into Tibet, starring Paul Kersey and Ning Jing. It was also released under the title The Tale of the Sacred Mountain.
There is a premiere of wonderfully beauty and rich in content the song "The Tibetan Plateau" for you. Vitas-青藏高原(Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau)
LI Na is a legendary singer in China.1997,She had taken the tonsure at a Buddhist temple in Wutai Mountain .TIBETAN PLATEAU is one of LI Na's most famous songs.
Song Name:Come out from the Mountains
Song Name:Song of Liberated Surfs Singer:Han Hong
Phoenix Legend - Tashi Delek
Kelsang - Beautiful Kongpo
Soinam Wangmo - Listen
Soinam Wangmo - Ing Another Song to The Party
Soinam Wangmo - Tibet Plateau
YaDong - Zhuoma
Soinam Wangmo - Golden Homeland
Soinam Wangmo - Father
PengLiyuan - Gomolangma (Qomolangma)
Yangjin Lamu - Dharma Flower