Tibetan Customs of Guest(s) Entertainment

 Tibetan people are very hospitable. When serve guests with barley wine, the host will take the full cup of wine to the front of guests, and at the same time, the guests should accept it with both hands, then hold the cup with one hand, while with your middle finger of another hand dipping a little the wine, and flip toward the sky by your thumb and middle finger. It means revering the God of heaven, and then repeats it the second and the third time for revering the land and the Buddhists. This custom is to remind that the creation of wine is much related with the God’s generosity. So, god shall be first worshiped before drinking. Besides this tradition of receiving guests, the host will also flip some qingke barley beans to the sky three times.

During the wine drinking, there is one custom: the host will pour the cup full as soon as the guests have one sip, then pour the cup again with the second sip and then the third. And after the first 3 sips, the guests shall drink the full cup each time. By doing this, the host will think you show more respect to him, and the more guests drink, the host will be happier. This also shows the host has very good wine manufacturing skills. When Tibetan people toast wine, they treat gentlemen with big cup or bowl, while a small cup or bowl to ladies. 

For the custom of drinking tea, when the host holds the tea to you, do not stretch your hand to receive the tea cup before the tea reaches you, otherwise it will be considered impolite. When eating, you should abstain from full of mouth and big noises and avoid fetching the food beyond your reach. When treat guests with mutton, the host will give the part beneath its chine, connected with the tail which is the best to his guests with respect. To show auspicious, a few of white furs of tails shall also be preserved when preparing the mutton.