Why Travel With Us

Travelers, attention please - The Chinese government requires all foreigners traveling in or through the Tibet Autonomous Region to have a guide, Tour Company, and a permit. 

Yes, it’s hard to believe, you can’t travel in Tibet without guides, permits, and a tour company. Just because this is true, doesn’t mean you should choose a company based on price alone. Choose a company whose reputation is built on a long-standing trust with our customers.

Custom Built Itineraries
Our carefully, hand-selected journeys offer an unmatched experience of a lifetime. Our unique itineraries allow   you to discover a hidden side of Tibet , far removed, from the tired, same old routes that tour companies have been using for years.

At Tibet Travel Dot Com, our exclusive tours focus on authentic cultural encounters and the hidden natural beauty overlooked by other companies. Our small Group Tours (2-20) allow you to revel in the camaraderie of a day’s adventure with like-minded travelers who share the same enthusiasm for fresh traveling experiences.

At Tibet Travel Dot Com we take you inside the daily life of Tibet, showing you homes, villages, schools, and even the orphanages. We let you get hands on; help a Tibetan villager weave on a loom, swap stories with local men over a glass of ale, or refresh yourself on an un-ending glass of yak-butter tea in the home of a Tibetan.

Expert Guides and Trusted Reputation
All of our guides and drivers are handpicked local Tibetans who posses an exceptional and intimate knowledge of the lands and the culture. They are proven leaders with infectious smiles and a passion for sharing their homeland. From them you’ll receive extensive information about the history, geography, culture, religion, traditions, art and music. And, all of our customer supports and sales staffs will be your personal travel planners, helping you choose the perfect trip for an unforgettable vacation. So don’t let planning your vacation turn to a work, let us do all the work for you.

A Name You Can Trust & Bank of China Guarantee
For almost 20 years, at Tibet Travel, we’ve built our reputation on satisfied customers. Just ask any of the 80,000+ Westerners who’ve traveled with us since 1991. All of our trips, hotels, equipment, and vehicles are carefully monitored to meet the highest safety standards. We take every precaution so that your trip goes smoothly. We’re so confident in our exceptional service that our partner, Bank of China, will refund a part or your entire trip cost if we break any condition in the contract.

We guarantee you’ll receive unparalleled service from our dedicated team of travel professionals. From your very first email until you’re safely back home we will be on hand to make sure you have an unforgettable adventure. So, don’t settle for anything but the best just because you have to use a travel agency to get into Tibet.