Tourist Guide


Tsetan was born in a famous tourism city in Tibet - Gyantse. Having worked as tour guide for almost 7 years, Tsetan is very familiar with the cities of Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse. He maintains rich knowledge of Tibetan culture. His English is excellent because he learned it both in a private English training school and the Tibet Science Colleague.


He has been a tour guide for 5 years. He is an honest and innocent guy, and always does his best on job because he likes what he is doing very much.

Pema Dolker

Pema is a young and passionate tour guide. She has been guiding for about 5 years. For such a long time work in this field, she can give a clear explanation of Tibetan Buddhism and is good at Tibetan local custom. With her warm service to travelers, she did really a great job.

Tsering Lhakyi

Tsering is a beautiful Tibetan girl with professional quality. She grew up in Lhasa and graduated from famous Tibet University as top student. She is working in tourism industry for almost 5 years. Her interests and motivation is simply to share the unique culture with people from all over the world and to help improve the living conditions of people from this region by providing tourism economy.


Youdon has been an English tour guide for 6 years. Born in Lhasa, she has a special interest on communicate with the tourists from her childhood and she could communicate with the foreign tourists when she was young though she couldn’t speak English at that time. She worked hard with a big ambition to become a good guide. “I am not the best guide, but I have full confidence that I can fulfill the aims of my guest.”


A young and handsome guide, who was raised in Lhasa and understands the local culture properly. Being a bridge between Tibet and outside world, he uses his fluent English to give a clear explanation of the hints under Tibetan tour. Yulla is very considerate of the travels and can help you get a better understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, enjoy the nice communication with the local people and explore the amazing culture of Tibet.